“…a display that employs collaborative percussion, eye-catching stage props and a symbiosis of themselves and their audience.”


“…seemingly impossible harmonies with flawless grace …brings delicate beauty to even the most bombastic moments.”

New Yorker

“A strong collection of songs took on an added dimension live through the energy and vitality of Lucius’ performance.”

Consequence of Sound

“Lucius gave a tight and flawlessly synced-up performance… Live, the band have shown their ability to shift seamlessly between chill folk outfit and wildly energetic indie rock blast…  a lot for the rest of the weekend’s acts to compete with.” 

Rolling Stone

“Lucius is fueled by taut percussion — the quadruple drum assault of “Nothing Ordinary” raised hairs…”


“… we now have the catchy tune Turn It Around stuck in our heads, where it belongs.”

USA Today

“‘Don’t Just Sit There…’ is one of the most contagious pop songs of the past few years.”


“The result is a crisp modern classic that would make a perfect listen when the sun is shining.”

Essex Enquirer

“The Brooklynites’ Wildewoman reverberates with infectious tunes, hooksome melodies and songs that sound fantastic the first, fifth and 10th time.”

Irish Times

“Hyperstylised they may be, but there’s more to Lucius than meets the eye.”

The Sunday Times