“Lucius is an indie-pop revelation”

Time Out NY

“…Good Grief is invigorated by glitzy production that brims with sounds: pulsing analog keyboards (“Something About You”), trilling guitar lines (“Almighty Gosh”) and big ’80s disco beats (“Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain”)… Nearly every song peaks with epic singalong choruses, led by Laessig and Wolfe as they belt their hearts out. The new record is infectious. You won’t be able to turn it off.”

NPR Music

“…confident and beautifully made… evolving their sound as any group with real longevity tends to do… Hats off.”


“surreal, barmy pop music of the best kind”


“Good Grief is a wonderful record”

The Guardian

“…a force that decimates Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and has the potential to reach Jupiter.”

Consequence of Sound

[To Stephen Colbert] “We won’t be in tomorrow because we hit our heads on the ceiling while dancing on the bed to Lucius.”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“…a display that employs collaborative percussion, eye-catching stage props and a symbiosis of themselves and their audience.”


“…seemingly impossible harmonies with flawless grace …brings delicate beauty to even the most bombastic moments.”

New Yorker

“‘Don’t Just Sit There…’ is one of the most contagious pop songs of the past few years.”