“‘Don’t Just Sit There…’ is one of the most contagious pop songs of the past few years.”


“The result is a crisp modern classic that would make a perfect listen when the sun is shining.”

Essex Enquirer

“The Brooklynites’ Wildewoman reverberates with infectious tunes, hooksome melodies and songs that sound fantastic the first, fifth and 10th time.”

Irish Times

“Hyperstylised they may be, but there’s more to Lucius than meets the eye.”

The Sunday Times

“Not only does the noirish blond front duo now boom, the group’s theatrical flourishes wail like the harmonies howls punctuating the title track …  the surge of Wolfe and Laessig dazzles without eclipsing all else. – 4 stars”

Austin Chronicle

“October’s Wildewoman is beautifully crafted, a thoughtful recital of personal narratives woven delicately but purposefully into lyrically and instrumentally provoking anecdotes.”

NBC SoundDiego

” … ‘Wildewoman’ is packed with immaculate ’60s girl-band harmonies, souring melodies and stomping percussion.”


“perfect, magnetic pop music”


“the best band you may not have heard yet”

Rolling Stone

“joyous, melodic anthems”